Periodic Health Assessment

Directions for completing your Periodic Health Assessment at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital:

1) Call the Integrated Referral Management and Appointing Center at (855) 227-6331 to book an appointment for your PHA.

  • Patients enrolled to the Family Medicine Clinic should call that clinic directly at (571) 231-1803 and press option 4 to book your PHA appointment.
  • Patients enrolled to the Internal Medicine Clinic should call the Integrated Referral Managment and Appointing Center at (855) 227-6331 to book your PHA appointment.

2) Prior to appointment you must complete the online PHA questionnaire appropriate for your branch of service. Print a copy and bring it to your appointment:

3) Next, call the clinic where your PHA is scheduled for instructions on completing the required lab tests any other required medical tests.

  • Do not eat anything for 12 hours prior to going to the laboratory. You may drink water.
  • The laboratory is located on the first floor of Oaks Pavilion, just inside the main entrance. After entering through the Oaks Pavilion main entrance, go to the left, past the Exchange store. The laboratory is the first department on the right, just after the Exchange store. 

4) Then, report to the clinic where your PHA is scheduled on the day of your appointment. Also, for your appointment: 

  • Do not wear contact lenses to your appointment; you must bring your eyeglasses.
  • Bring a copy of your physical profile or any light-duty chits if you have one.

Clinic locations and phone numbers:

  • Family Medicine Clinic
    • Eagle Pavilion, Floor 1, Reception 2 
    • Phone: (571) 231-1803 / 1804 / 1805
  • Internal Medicine Clinic
    • River Pavilion, Floor 1, Reception 1
    • Phone (571) 231-1022
  • Medical Readiness Clinic
    • River Pavilion, Floor 1, Reception 2
    • (571) 231-1019 / 1021
  • Public Health Nursing Service
    • Eagle Pavilion, Floor 2, Reception 4
    • (571) 231-2004

The results from the electronic health / risk assessment should be available in the AHLTA medical record within one week of completion. If the results have not correctly transferred one week after completion, please call (571) 231-6713 to investigate the delay. Do not contact your Primary Care Manager.