Fort Belvoir WBGT

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

Today's WBGT is shown at right.

The Wet Bulb Globe Temperature is a measure of heat stress in direct sunlight which takes into account the temperature, humidity, wind speed, sun angle and cloud cover (solar radiation).

Please view the current WBGT at right, and then use the WBGT and associated charts and other information on this page to aid in managing the work/rest cycles and fluid intake of personnel at Fort Belvoir.

WBGT Work/Rest Cycles
CAUTION: Hourly fluid intake should not exceed 1.5 quarts. Daily fluid intake should not exceed 12 quarts.

  • The work-rest times and fluid replacement volumes will sustain performance and hydration for at least 4 hours of work in the specified heat category. Fluid needs can vary based on individual differences. (plus or minus .25 quart per hour) and exposure to full sun or full shade (plus or minus .25 quart per hour).
  • NL = No limit to work time per hour.
  • Rest means minimal physical activity (sitting or standing), accomplished in shade if possible.
  • Caution: Hourly fluid intake should not exceed 1.5 quarts.
  • If wearing body armor add 5°F to WBGT in humid climates.
  • If wearing NBC clothing (MOPP 4) add 10°F to WBGT.
NOTE: Wearing of body armour or NBC uniform adds approximately 10 points to the measured WBGT index. Exposure limits should be adjusted accordingly.

84.0 (°F) Current as of: 9/7/2018 15:00

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