Occupational Health
Our Occupational Health Services section promotes physical and mental fitness of Department of Defense personnel under the care of Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. We fully embrace patient- and family-centered care practices, and our core operational values incorporate evidence-based design principles and the hospital’s Culture of Excellence standards to create a world-class healing environment. We are committed to partnering with our patients and their family members while providing a warm and comforting atmosphere in an environment of trust.

Specialty Services
  • Physical Examinations (Vison/hearing testing, lab test results such as CBC, CMP, lipid panel, UA, EKG, chest x-ray if indicated, pulmonary function tests, PPD screening, OSHA respirator questionnaire)
    • Pre-emloyment/pre-placement exam
    • Periodic exams: pre-deployment / post deployment annual law enforcement (police officers, security guards), annual firefighters DOT medical certifications
    • Fit-for-duty examinations
  • Evaluation and treatment of acute, non-life threatening/non-limb threatening work-related injuries and illnesses (these include wound repairs/dressing, splinting, extremity immobilizations, saline irrigations, etc.). Initial evaluation, management and treatment, follow-up visits, and return-to-work evaluations.
  • Medical surveillance examinations (In partnership with Industrial Hygiene and safety officers of the different entities within Fort Belvoir)
    • Ionizing radiations
    • Brain tumors
    • Reproductive hazards
    • Anti-neoplastics drugs
  • Worksite visits and ergonomic evaluations (in partnership with Industrial Hygiene and safety officers of the different entities within Fort Belvoir)
  • Consultation services
    • Ionizing radiations
    • Reasonable Accommodations
    • Family Medical Leave
    • Medical Disability Retirement
    • Medical Documentation Review
    • Civilian Resource Conservation Program
  • In-processing services

Eagle Pavilion

Weekdays: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Weekends and Federal Holidays: Closed

Clinic: (571) 231-2003 / 2004
Appointments: (855) 227-6331

Eagle Pavilion, Floor 2, Reception 4

Eagle Pavilion