Residential Treatment Center

The Fort Belvoir Community Hospital Residential Treatment Facility is the first Department of Defense Level III program and is located in the National Capital Region. It is housed in a state-of-the-art facility that participates in the continuum of care including the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit, and the Army Substance Abuse Program and related programs.

The RTF serves eligible beneficiaries burdened with substance use disorders including pain and prescription medication misuse, who are willing to accept intervention recovery. Patients will be expected to complete a treatment program of approximately 28 days and post treatment referral. 

The RTF is committed to an abstinence-based approach to substance dependence.

Inpatient care includes:

  • Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry
  • Medication Assisted Therapy
  • Co-Occurring Services    
  • Sober Support    
  • Somatic Therapies
  • Recreation and Art Therapy
  • Individual, Group, and Family Therapies
  • Graphic Narrative
  • Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy
  • Biofeedback
  • Suicide Prevention and Resiliency Services
  • Faith-based interventions
  • Complementary Services
  • Psycho-educational Services
  • PTSD, TBI, and Addiction Individual and Group Therapies
Oaks Pavilion

24 hours

Wednesdays: 5 to 8 p.m.
Sundays: 1 to 7 p.m.


Information: (571) 231-4689
Appointments are by referral only.
For inpatient unit clinical information, or healthcare providers making a referral:
(571) 231-SAFE (7233)

Oaks Pavilion, Floor 7, South

Oaks Pavilion